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Healthy Alkaline Food Recipes for You & Your Family!

You are interested in an Alkaline Lifestyle? You would love to prepare some alkaline dishes at home for you and your family? But you don't know what to cook and are constantly looking for some new alkaline recipes?
Then check out our alkaline diet recipe list. There you'll find many alkaline recipes, including soup recipes, salads, main dishes, side dishes, dressings and much more. And we will add more recipes regularly, so remember to come back to our alkaline recipe assortment from time to time. Enjoy our Alkaline Diet Recipes!


Creamy Avocado-Broccoli Soup | Fresh Garden Vegetable Soup | Rawsome Gazpacho Soup | Chilled Avocado Tomato Soup | Pumpkin and Bean Soup | Alkaline Carrot Soup | Pumpkin Tomato Soup | Pumpkin Coconut Soup | Cauliflower-Coconut Soup | Raw Avocado-Broccoli Soup with Cashew Nuts | Greek Lentils Soup (Soupa fakes) | Carrot Soup with Fresh Mushrooms | Swiss Cauliflower-Emmenthal-Soup New Alkaline Food Recipe | Chilled Parsley-Gazpacho with Lime & Cucumber New Free Alkaline Recipe


Cole Slaw with Avocado Dressing | Fresh Garden Vegetable Salad | Alkaline Broccoli Salad with Tofu | Avocado Salad with Wild Garlic | Alkaline Mediterranean Salad | Quick & Easy Alkaline Salad | Green Alkalizing Noodle Salad | Avocado Salad with Alfalfa Sprouts | Chinese-Style Cucumber Salad | Cauliflower Salad | Zucchini Salad | Italian Salad | Celery-Almond Salad | Pomegranate-Carrot-Fennel Salad | Assorted Veggies with Pumpkin Dressing New Alkaline Recipe | Butterhead Lettuce with Bell Pepper and Pumpkin Seeds Free Alkaline Recipes

Main Dishes

Soba Noodles with Tofu Stir-Fry | Wild Rice with Alkalizing Greens | Vegetable Pasta with Tomato-Pepper Sauce | Chili Tofu Burger | Alkaline Ratatouille | Vegetable Stir-Fry with Tofu and Coconut Milk | Potato-Pumpkin Patties | Tofu Steak | Spelt Pasta with Spicy Eggplant Sauce | Pumpkin Ratatouille | Quinoa Pasta with Artichokes | Buckwheat Patties | Beetroot Stir-Fry | Italian Leek-Fry | Alkaline Veggie Stir-Fry with Leeks and Kohlrabi | Buckwheat Pasta with Broccoli and Bell Pepper Free Alkaline Recipes | Spelt Pasta with Zucchini & Eggplant Free Alkaline Recipe

Side Dishes / Snacks

Stir-Fried Greens with Almonds | Alkaline Potato Salad | Alkaline Vegetable Lasagne | Tomatoes Stuffed with Broccoli and Tofu | Tomatoes with Tofu & Basil | Alkaline Avocado Baguette | Pizza Bread / Pizza Crust | Stuffed Avocados | Pumpkin Fries | Mashed Sweet Potatoes | Green Beans with Coconut | Stuffed Tomatoes | Grilled Veggies | Aloo Gobi (Indian side dish) | Mediterranean Bell Peppers | Avocado-Tomato-Salsa with Potatoes | Kohlrabi-Carrot-Carpaccio New Alkaline Recipes | Mashed Brussels Sprouts with Cauliflower Free Alkalizing Recipe

Dressings / Sauces / Dips / Spreads

Alkalizing Citrus Salad Dressing | Hummus | Alkaline Sauce for Veggie Salads | Creamy Tofu Salad-Dressing | Spinach Avocado Dip | Caesar Salad Dressing | Salsa Mexicana | Sunflower Pesto | Red Bell Pepper - Almond Dip | Alkalizing Eggplant Dip | Alkaline Millet Spread | Avocado-Tofu Dip | Alkaline Veggie Spread New Alkaline Recipes | Coriander Chutney New Alkaline Recipes

Desserts / Shakes / Smoothies

Alkaline Green Power Shake | Fresh Almond Milk | Super Soy Pudding | Soy Cucumber Shake | Alkaline Green Power Cocktail | Grapefruit-Carrot-Shake | Spicy Tomato Shake | Alkaline Veggie Power Smoothie | Macademia-Almond-Cream with Fresh Cherries New Alkaline Recipes



Do you know any alkaline recipes which you would like to share with our visitors?
We would love to add them to our Alkaline Recipe Database.
Please contact us any time. Thank you so much for your contribution!!

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