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Alkalize your Body pH to Restore Good Health

Nutritionists and scientists all over the world state that we should take in at least five dishes of vegetables and green foods per day, every day! But where and how in our fast paced lifestyles, eating on the run, are we going to be able to do this? Our bustling and overloaded ways of life don't allow us to watch out sufficiently enough for a healthy and balanced nutrition.

What many people do, especially for breakfast, is to consume foods and drinks like orange juice, toast, honey, sweet rolls, muffins, waffles, pancakes etc., which contain huge amounts of sugar and simple carbohydrates, thus promoting high levels of yeast and fungi to grow inside the body. Traditional high protein breakfast foods like omelette, bacon, sausage, meats etc. also compromise the inner fluids and ultimately lead to higher acid levels in our body.

As a result, many people nowadays suffer from the over-acidification of their body, also known as acidosis. All food we ingest influences our body pH level. By consuming acid-forming or acidic food, like continental breakfast, hot-dogs, muffins or coke, our body is continuously fighting to neutralize the excessive acid and to retain pH balance, which is a pH level of 7.356 on the pH scale. Symptoms of a pH imbalance can be weight problems such as overweight and underweight, as well as other health conditions such as allergies, arthritis, acne and heart attacks.

To decelerate or, even better, interrupt these critical processes, the over-acidification of the body ought to be reversed by creating a proper nutritional balance of alkaline-forming and acid-forming foods in your diet. As our normal body pH level is 7.356 on the pH scale, thus slightly alkaline, you should also add large amounts of alkaline water and alkaline food to your daily diet. Only then your body will be able to restore its ideal pH, get rid of acid wastes and create a healthy inner environment.

A proper, slightly alkaline diet, suggests taking in at least 80% of alkalizing foods, like green vegetables or grasses, and never more than 20% of neutral and acidifying foods. Acid forming foods are amongst others meat, dairy products, chocolate, bread and all kind of other yeast products, alcohol, carbonated drinks and coffee and tea. Try to avoid those foods, instead consume as much alkaline forming foods as possible, like vegetables, greens, sprouts, soy products and most kind of seeds (also have a look at our acid-alkaline food chart). Eating alkaline foods transforms your body pH from dangerously acidic to slightly above neutral. Above that, alkaline water neutralizes harmful acid wastes and gently dismantles them from cells and tissues. Alkaline water has a pH value between 9 and 11 on the pH scale.

An alkaline way of life is the perfect start to restore your overall health. By transforming your nutrition into an alkalizing pH diet, which can be by eating vegetables all day long, or taking green food nutritional supplements, the body's pH level will gradually be balanced. When the nutrients of alkaline foods get into your bloodstream, every cell in your body will be recreated and regenerated. An alkaline diet thus helps to boost your energy levels, improve skin, reduce allergies and enhance mental clarity.

Above that, when pH balance is achieved, the body instinctively drops to its ideal, healthy weight. As soon as the acidic environment is eliminated, there will be no need for new fat cells to form, and the remaining fat in your body is no longer needed to store acid wastes, and therefore simply melts away*. An alkaline way of life will restore good health; you will not only see but also feel the difference.

Eat more green food and alkalize your body pH! Start Today!

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An alkaline diet, also called an acid alkaline balance diet, is a diet which is approximately 80% alkaline producing and 20% acid producing. The theory behind this pH diet is that the pH produced by the food we eat should reflect the pH level of our bloodstream, which is approximately 7.36, and that if it does not, the pH of our bloodstream may be disrupted.
Dr. Robert O. Young claims that health depends primarily on proper balance between an alkaline and acid environment - as when our bodies become too acidic, our bodies will take whatever action necessary to regulate the pH and the acid-alkaline balance of the blood. In this environment our bodies will begin to break down and show signs of disease including cancer, obesity, flu, skin disorders, osteoporosis, yeast overgrowth etc. Dr. Young is author of several books, e.g. 'The pH miracle' and 'The pH miracle for Diabetes', and has developed an alkalizing product line for InnerLight Inc, such as SuperGreens and Prime pH.
(Source: Wikipedia)

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