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Alkaline Diet Recipes E-Book

"The 33 Best Alkaline Recipes" E-Book

How did we come up with the idea of an E-Book?

It's been suggested to us over and over: test the best of your recipes (which we did not so far), cook them at home and pool them in a compact, clear and easy-to-follow E-Book - thus make sure of the "eatability" of each recipe!

So we went to the kitchen, tried and failed, discovered errors and made many recipe improvements and adjustments - in doing so we identified the 33 best and most delicious recipes. Besides, we had a lot of fun – especially eating the meals :-)

Not to forget our friends, who bravely acted as 'guinea pigs' while testing the recipes – thank you so much for your (good and bad) critique!

Of course each recipe includes a picture so you can see how it will (or should!) look like.

The Electronic Book contains:

  • Introduction / Foreword
  • 5 Soups: Alkaline Vegetable Soup / Creamy Celery-Broccoli Soup / Spanish Cold Tomatoe Soup / Creamy Pumpkin-Tomatoe Soup / Spicy Carrot Soup
  • 5 Salads: Warm Broccoli Salad / Roman Salad / Coleslaw with Avocado Dressing / Zucchini Salad / Avocado-Tomatoe Salad
  • 7 Main Dishes: Broccoli-Bell Pepper Stir Fry with Almonds / Wild Rice Stir Fry / Veggie-Burgers / Curry with Tofu & Coconut Milk / Vegetable Risotto / Ratatouille / Italian Pasta Alkaline
  • 6 Snacks / Side Dishes: Stuffed Tomatoe Halves / Tomatoe Slices with Tofu & Basil / Pizza Breads / Alkaline Power Bars / Zucchini-Nibbles with Almond Pesto / Spelt Bread
  • 5 Dips / Spreads: Eggplant Dip / Salsa Mexicana / Red Bell Pepper-Almond Dip / Spinach-Avocado Dip / Alkaline Everyday Spread
  • 5 Shakes / Desserts: Almond Milk Do-It-Yourself / Soy-Shake with Coconut / Green Power Shake / Apple Peach Cake / Date Balls in Coconut Flakes
  • 15 Alkaline Diet Tips & Infos
  • Acid-Alkaline Food Chart

Alkaline Recipes Ebook

Preview: Table of Content | Avocado Tomato Salad Alkaline Recipes Book

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Alkaline Recipes E-Book + The Comprehensive Alkaline Acid Food Chart

Alkaline Recipes E-Book + Alkaline Acid Food Chart

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