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Wheat Grass

Benefits of Wheat Grass

Wheat Grass is one of the most nutritious and beneficial substances we know of – with unimagined effects on many diseases of civilization. It contains countless essential nutrients to sustain the human body, having a highly favorable mix of all essential amino acids, which we humans cannot produce by ourselves. The iron content of wheat grass is higher than that of spinach.

But not enough: Wheat grass possesses the enzymes P4-D1 and D1-G1, which can verifiably repair genetic makeup that has been damaged by radioactivity or x-rays.

A study conducted by the Bloomingfield Lab in New Jersey discovered several other wheatgrass benefits: it contains over one hundred vital substances, including the vitamins A,C, E, K, B-Vitamins (even B-12), and over a dozen minerals such as zinc and selenium, which help prevent cancer.

Chlorophyll – Much of it is in Wheat Grass

Wheat grass possesses huge amounts of chlorophyll - in fact some of the highest amounts in the plant kingdom. The green plant pigment is responsible for photosynthesis (creating energy and oxygen through sunlight). Interestingly, looking at its molecular structure, chlorophyll is almost identical to the human blood pigment hemoglobin – therefore it is believed that the intake of chlorophyll aids in forming hemoglobin.

Above that chlorophyll curbs the activities of harmful bacteria and putrefactive substances in the intestinal tract, which is extremely beneficial for your digestion.

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Wheatgrass is Highly Alkaline

Vegetables in general are very healthy, and most of them are alkaline and have the ability to neutralize excess acids inside the body. But of all green plants wheat grass stands out: it contains more alkaline minerals (such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, and potassium) than any other grass or green vegetable.

In contrast to many other foods that create excess acids (and toxic acid depots!) which can be harmful to health wheat grass has strong alkali forming effects on the body, e.g. it helps raising your alkalinity and your body pH!

What a wonderful work of nature – a grass that helps regulating the acid-alkaline-balance inside us! The acid-neutralizing effects of wheat grass are even higher compared to other alkaline vegetables, such as spinach or broccoli, which was proven by a recent study.

There is more: in direct consequence to these acid neutralizing effects, calcium depletion in our vessels as well as cholesterol release is reduced and a detoxifying purification process is initiated, leading to a more alkaline, balanced and overall healthier body environment.

How to grow Wheat Grass?

Unfortunately you can't buy wheat grass just everywhere (btw, WHY is that??). So the best and most organic way is to grow it at home. You can buy wheat grass seeds in organic food stores at reasonable prices – it takes about 7-11 days before your wheat grass is ready to use.

You'll need a few pieces of equipment to grow your own wheatgrass at home: first you'll have to get wheat grass seeds, which will then have to be soaked overnight in water. Over a period of another day the seeds have to be rinsed with water, followed by spreading them over organic soil in trays. In the following days the seeds need constant watering to grow properly.

How to eat Wheat Grass?

Once you have your fully grown "harvest" you could may chew the wheat grass, approx. 30 minutes before a meal. Just chew it until it loses its sweet-aromatic flavor, then spit out the fibrous material. We recommend ½ cup (or around 100g) daily.

If chewing wheat grass isn't for you you might consider buying a wheat grass juicer. These juicers rotate very slowly (to avoid heat or oxidation), so all and every nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and minerals retain in the juice, which is now a Wheat grass shot.

A wheat grass shot may be diluted with some (alkaline) water, if you desire so. It is important to drink your shot within 10 minutes because of the quick loss of enzymes and vitamins after that time. You can slow down this process through air-tight packaging and storing in a dark area. However, after 12 hours your wheat grass shot is no longer therapeutically effective.

Anyway you should notice that in the first few weeks you shouldn't consume more than ½ cup of wheat grass juice at one time. You might get uncomfortable body reactions due to the strong detoxifying effects of wheat grass.

Wheat Grass Drink

If you do not have fresh wheatgrass or a juicer at hand you may take into consideration either ready-made wheat grass drinks, or wheat grass powders diluted with water to make a drink.

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