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Shakes & Smoothies: Spicy Tomato Cucumber Shake

Alkaline Shake Recipe

People who are not too keen about sweet shakes will definetely love this one as the chili gives it a spicy taste.

Plus: apart from being alkaline and very low in calories, cucumbers have several other health benefits, e.g. potassium helps with high and low blood pressure and the erepsin content helps to digest protein. Cucumbers are also said to help in kidney, urinary bladder, liver as well as pancreatic disease.

Shakes are an easy and yummy way to consume lots of vitamins. Have them with your salad, or as a snack. Especially great in the summer!


1 small cucumber
1 stalk of celery
4 roma tomatoes
Juice of 1 lemon
½ chili
1 pinch of pepper
1 pinch of sea salt
Ice cubes (best: made of alkaline water)


This is a very simple recipe, which can be prepared in just a few minutes.

First, cut cucumber, celery as well as tomatoes into small cubes and put all into a blender and mix until smooth. Alternatively, put veggies through juicer if available.

Juice lemon. Add lemon juice and finely chopped chili to the juice mix. Season with salt and pepper and mix well.

Finally add the ice cubes and serve icy cold!

Enjoy this alkaline shake, especially delicious for hot summer days!

Many thanks to Meredith from Seattle, WA for sharing this delicious alkaline recipe!

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