Alkaline Veggies

Acid Alkaline Caps

Info: Acid-Alkaline capsules ALSO CREATE ALKALINITY such as pH Miracle Greens and PuripHy pH Drops!

Why should I take Alkaline Caps?

Alkaline Caps are equally effective as the consumption of alkaline foods – they clean and "rinse" the body of waste products and acids produced through our metabolism, our environment, and our food. Microbiologists all over the world (e.g. Dr Robert Young) state, that our organs can only function optimally once they are in an alkaline environment.

Acid alkaline Caps neutralize acids. Main advantage of such a "neutralization" is the fact that excess acid waste products inside the body are removed – as a result we'll be less susceptible for diseases and our immune system gets strengthened!

Not Enough Alkali Forming Products!

Nowadays we are facing a enormous problem: we don't get enough naturally occurring, alkaline forming products. We get over-acidified in an unimagined way because of our daily eating and living habits. We are stressed out, hectic, environmentally polluted, over-consumed with coffee, ready-made meals, mass-produced meat, fast food, sugars and alcohol - and this is where Acid alkaline Caps come into play...


Re-Lyte™ Electrolyte Replacement Caps

These alkaline caps are manufactured with regard to improving one's diet through all natural non chemical ingredients to boost the body pH. Alkalize now to fight free radicals with an alkaline formula for pH balance!

Moreover, Re-Lyte™ is an all-natural electrolyte replacement supplement and cramp eliminator. Whether you are bothered by cramps at night, or after excercising, these alkaline caps give you what your body needs after a work-out without all the sugars and chemicals found in other products on the market.

Alkaline Caps

Re-Lyte™Electrolyte Replacement Caps

They contain electrolytes and more than 60 trace minerals, including calcium, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, manganese, copper, sodium, and zinc to balance body pH and support optimum performance and muscle recovery.

60 caps for only US$11.50 - ORDER HERE





Because these products are natural food supplements, the statements about the products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This independent distributor does not engage directly or indirectly in diagnosing, dispensing medical advice, or prescribing the use of any of our products as a treatment for disease or sickness. One should always consult a primary care physician/health practitioner of choice when considering nutritional supplementation for health purposes, especially when undergoing treatment for an existing condition. Pregnant individuals should also consult a physician before beginning supplementation.

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