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Alkaline Carrot Soup

2 large carrots
1 small zucchini
1 celery stalk
1 cup of broccoli
3 stalks of asparagus
1 yellow onion
1 quart of (alkaline) water
4-5 tsps of yeast-free vegetable broth
1 tsps fresh basil
2 tsps sea salt to taste


Put water in pot, add the vegetable broth as well as the onion and bring to boil.

Meanwhile, chop the zucchini, the broccoli and the asparagus, and shred the carrots and the celery stalk in a food processor.

Once the water is boiling, please turn off the stove as we do not want to boil the vegetables. Just put them all in the hot water and wait until the vegetables reach desired tenderness.

Allow to cool slightly, then put all ingredients into blender and mix until you get a thick, smooth consistency.

Taste with salt, serve warm and ENJOY!

(Of course you can replace one or the other of the vegetables, just try out whatever you have in the house.)

Many thanks to John from Jackson, MS for sharing this delicious alkaline recipe!

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You're not sure which foods are alkaline and which are acid-forming to your body pH level? Then simply check our acid-alkaline food chart to learn more about the food you eat.



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