my experience with alkaline water

What is Alkaline Water and how to produce it? And why exactly is it good for my Health?

my experience with alkaline water

Postby fuzzy44 » Mon Jun 15, 2009 9:11 pm

Hi, nice forum!

just let me say that alkaline water works great for me, I drink it for more than 2 years now feeling healthier and stronger than ever. I can only explain that by looking at the waste we regularly consume - since the waste products our body has to get rid of are acidic, the right kind of water to neutalize them is alkaline water. My personal recommendation is to enjoy the foods that you like in a ratio of 40%, and eating alkaine foods in a ratio of 60%.

I eat in moderation following this balanced diet concept and let alkaline water do the job of cleansing acidic wastes. I do not only use food to cleanse wastes as many people do but use alkaline water as well – in this way I avoid the risk of creating nutritional deficiency or imbalances and am well hydrated all the time (making me constantly awake!).

Should you have questions pm me!

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