I lost 44lb!!

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I lost 44lb!!

Postby Pete » Tue Dec 23, 2008 1:04 am

Hi I’m Pete from Ohio. I was 44lb overweight early this year, I tried weight watchers and many other special weight loss products – all with the same result: nothing, or nothing substantial happened. Then I tried Supergreens and Prime ph this year, with little results the first 3 weeks. Although I felt a change going on in my body, my weight didn’t drop. But right after 3 weeks taking the greens drink, I lost pound after pound, until I lost each and every of these 44lb!!! Now I weigh 165lb, which is just perfect! And I feel fit and full of energy, everyday I drink that stuff…
I can really recommend an Alkaline Diet to anyone who want to lose weight!
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