Testimonial: Good-Bye Sugar

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Testimonial: Good-Bye Sugar

Postby Balance_Your_pH » Tue Dec 09, 2008 2:40 am

The following testimonial was written by Jill Noetzelmann.

Hello, my name is Jill Noetzelman.

I too am a sugar and caffeine addict. Two cups of coffee in the morning, two Diet Cokes throughout the day, and two more cups of coffee in the evening. Where does the sugar come in? Chocolate chips interspersed throughout the day. Not just a little bag, I have the bulk size bag from Costco. People are surprised to hear this since I do go running or walking 4 miles in the morning. Yes, I "did" consider myself healthy.

Well...I was in for a rude awakening! I was fortunate enough to attend the four-day training seminar with Dr. Robert Young in Aspen, Utah. We began the seminar last Thursday evening. We soon learned how to mix our SuperGreens. I had to force myself to drink even just one liter of SuperGreens that evening. The next morning we started our day with, you guessed it, SuperGreens. By late afternoon I was hooked on this GREEN drink and keeping up with everybody. Well, remember all the caffeine and sugar in my system from my previous 20 years of living? I began to detox. My head was about to explode. All of a sudden I wasn't feeling so fortunate. I knew it was the sugar and caffeine withdrawals. I made a vending machine raid. M&Ms, Chex Mix, whatever I could find. Sheila helped my addiction with some Hot Tomales. (What are friends for)? Consulting with Dr. Young about this, he told me from all the "junk" in my body that I needed to take it slow. Less is more.
Well, by the end of the four days I was off of sugar and caffeine altogether. My cravings are gone. No longer do I have to fear being home alone with a pan of brownies. I have never felt so energized. The little eye lines from squinting in the AZ sun have disappeared. This is from hydrating my body with SuperGreens. My kids even commented that I handle situations differently; it's almost a calming effect. Hmmm. My husband, Todd, has been on SuperGreens since Monday and has lost 5 pounds so far. He's experiencing the same calming effect, yet being full of energy. My two kids will start on the SuperGreens caps next week.
If you haven't tried this funny green powder, trust me...once you've tried it, you'll never want to be without your SuperGreens again!

Jill Noetzelman
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Re: Testimonial: Good-Bye Sugar

Postby dwfpeter » Wed Jan 14, 2009 9:32 pm

WOW, that sounds like what I need to do, but I love to eat. Got to have chocolate. How is the eating situation going; You know from meat and potatoes to vegetables.
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Re: Testimonial: Good-Bye Sugar

Postby Jamie » Fri Jan 16, 2009 5:33 am

You need to change your diet step by step. If you change it from one day to the other, you probably will fail. What also helps a lot with the transition are alkaline nutritional supplements such as Innerlight and Prime pH.
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